In-Game Maps

Reason 2 Die Awakening offers a variety of maps which provide unique gameplay and are the main environment where survivors attempt to complete certain objectives.

The main R2DA maps as of now are as follows.

Kingstreet Thumb1
PI Thumbnail
MT Thumbnail
TD Thumbnail
1930's Kingstreet Panama Beach Mogadishu Transit Foxriver Prison Terminal Decay
BR Thumbnail
Casius Thumb
VH Thumbnail
WW Thumbnail
CC Thumbnail
Bouri Rig 71 Casius Outpost Victoria Harbor A Winter Wonderland Café County
TC Thumbnail
LH Thumbnail
TFH Thumbnail
The Complex No Mercy Last Harvest Farmhouse Zero Kelvin Station
SSB Thumbnail
Shoot'em Up Town S.S. Boliviar Tokyo, Japan

Greenlight Maps

These maps aren't for the main game and can only be played with a VIP Server.

RobloxScreenShot02232016 220702861
Caved In

Boss Arenas

Special maps designed exclusively for bosses.

Time is ticking and these maps to fight these bosses on aren't permanent.

LPKJ Thumbnail
RT Thumbnail
Missing guy
Yeti's Cave King Crab Lord Pumpkin Jr. Rhi-snow Territory Chronos Dimension
Christmas 2015 Release 2016 Halloween 2016 Christmas 2016

Event Maps

Maps that are exclusive to events.

These maps last as long as the event goes.

For all intents and purposes, even if Chronos Quest is not considered an event, it's being listed here.

CK Thumbnail
Missing guy
Halloween Bootcamp


Cake Kingdom


Chronos Quest
Halloween 2016 Christmas 2016 N/A

Secret Maps

These are maps that you can only access by being under certain circumstances.


Removed Maps

These are R2DA maps that were available on R2DA at one point but were later removed, temporarily or permanently, due to various reasons.

XHQ Thumbnail
XelPixels HQ Porta Coeli II

Possible Maps

These maps being considered to be implemented into R2DA.

M.S. Antares - COLINROCKS99 and YIRIS


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