If you want to build a map for R2DA, you can look here for possible ideas.

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  • Abandoned Amusement Park
  • Abandoned Mountain Shipping Facility (with nearby wrecked trucks and such)
  • Active Volcano
  • Airport
  • Aquarium
  • Area 51 (filled with breakable vents and security doors that can be closed by survivors)
  • Burning Hotel (L4D2)
  • Campsite
  • Car Factory
  • Chaos Street (no ammo boxes and no medical boxes)
  • Chemical Warfare Research Station
  • Cliffside Vista
  • Desert (filled with quicksand and buried temples)
  • Enclosed Building (possibly abandoned)
  • Explosives Factory
  • Farm
  • Factory (possibly abandoned)
  • Flooded Office (some parts of the map require you to go underwater)
  • Graveyard
  • HQ
  • Hawaii
  • Helicopter Escape (A helicopter will land but then demand survivors to find supplies scattered around the map.)
  • Infected Lab
  • Lost City (with pyramids and such)
  • Mall
  • Mansion
  • Medieval Castle
  • Military Base
  • Military Factory
  • Minefield
  • Moving Convoy
  • Mountains (With steep drops and breakable rope bridges)
  • Nuketown
  • Nuclear Facility (With nuclear silos, military vehicles, etc.)
  • Old Mines
  • Park
  • R2DA Museum
  • R2D 2014 Remakes
  • Rooftops
  • Satellite Station
  • School
  • Ski Resort
  • Sky Tower
  • Snowy Ruins
  • Stadium
  • Subway
  • Supermarket
  • Underwater Facility
  • Transport Interchange (Interchange between MOG Tram, a Bus Station and a Metro Station)
  • Trenches
  • Underground Bunker
  • Village (set right next to a creek)
  • Wild West

Official/Approved Projects

Even if the team is not fully consisted of official developers, the presence of one is enough to qualify it to be in this section. Or, y'know, approved by PlaceRebuilder.

  • BloxCoast Plaza (Name In-Progress) - FULLPRISM/FIGHTEROFFRIEND1006
  • Ro-Dam - NARIOX

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