"Skorpion and M93R are like siblings. If the first is weak, the second is stronger, and if the first can go fully automatic, the second can't. It's mixed with advantages and disadvantages, that's why I like it."


The M93R, commonly known as the Beretta 93R, is alright for dealing with small groups of zombies, but take note that landing a headshot is very important — landing some headshots will allow one burst to kill a normal zombie, while no headshots won't. Keep track of your ammo, as you only have 4 chances to fire off bursts. You'll have to be very careful if dealing with more than two normal zombies.

Background Story

This weapon was released by L-Brain Sidework along with the other starter weapons. At first, it was heavily anticipated due to its burst fire, but it was found to have bad accuracy and low damage. The majority of the population shunned it, but there were still people out there who bought it for the novelty. Many people who keep this gun today have told that they like to use it for fun sometimes. To truly devote themselves to the experience of using the M93R, they avoid bringing in heavier weapons to resist temptations to switch.


  • It's not a secondary, so don't buy it if the only reason you were going to was to replace your old secondary.
  • The fast firing speed of the burst helps to get some shots in before your target reacts.
    • You can do a maximum of 204 damage to an enemy if you manage to land the whole burst as headshots.
    • This gun only has 4 bursts in each mag, so use your ammo wisely.
  • Crouching and ADS'ing helps. This weapon loses accuracy quickly while firing.
  • It's not recommended to use this against a Ticker, Elementals, a Digger, or a Brute.
  • This weapon is best used on tripped zombies or survivors on gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch.
  • The M93R, due to its short range, isn't good for anything past it.


  • This was one of the six weapons to be converted from CSG.
  • This is the second handgun to be added R2DA.
    • Even if it is a handgun, it still is a primary weapon.
    • PlaceRebuilder has said that if the M93R was ever a secondary, he felt that the game would become unbalanced, as shown in this video.
  • Semi-auto, an alternative way to fire the gun, was removed in v0.7.9.
  • If you count Removed Skins, the M93R trumps the all the weapons, with a grand total of 18 skins altogether.
  • Through its lifetime, the M93R has seen numerous price tag changes:
    • When it was first released, the gun cost 1,200$.
    • After a short while, it was raised to 2,000$.
    • When R2DA had its official release, it was raised again to 6,000$.
    • Soon, the price dropped to 4,500$.
    • In v0.9.5, the price was dropped again to the price you see today, 2,500$.
  • At v0.7.9, the Rank required to unlock this gun was lowered from 3 to 1.
  • An M93R in real life has a magazine of 15 to 20 compared to the magazine of 12 seen in-game.