Be smart.
You can be banned for not using the M939 responsibly.

"Cruisin’ round the street in my 39; Genocide sprees, life on the line."


The M939 is a 400$ player-driven truck that can be used to get around large maps quickly. It can also be used to run over zombies in the way.

You can only spawn one of these through the In-Game Store.

Background Story

The M939 was made for the military, but as the military units succumbed to the hordes of incoming zombies, these trucks were left abandoned.

Naturally, with a bit of rewiring, survivors took to using these for their own survival purposes. Producing these trucks aren't cheap, but at least they're better than some beat up old van.


  • Use this to get around the map quickly with your squad.
  • The truck can be good to escape hoards if you have some spare time to get on.
  • Currently, other survivors cannot sit in the truck while it's moving.
  • Turning isn't instantaneous. Plan a route before you drive straight into a wall.
    • The M939's handling is a lot better when driving in reverse.
  • ROBLOX's physics are buggy. Try not to act surprised if your vehicle is suddenly flung out of the map.


  • This can be considered a reincarnation of the Van from R2D 2014.
  • This is the currently second player-controlled vehicle in the game, with the first being Panama Beach's Boat.
  • During Debug, the truck would often flip over or fly off the map, with the textures occasionally not loading at all.
  • Originally, the M939 was planned for release all the way back on the DEMO stage of the game.
    • However, it was cancelled for an unknown reason.
    • It can be speculated that it was cancelled due to the truck coming to a full stop whenever colliding with zombies, thus making it very buggy.

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