"Cruisin’ round the street in my 39; Genocide sprees, life on the line."


The M939 is a 400$ player-driven truck that can be used to get around large maps quickly.

You can only spawn one of these through the In-Game Store.

Background Story

The M939 was made for the military, but as the military units succumbed to the hordes of incoming zombies, these trucks were left abandoned.

Naturally, with a bit of rewiring, survivors took to using these for their own survival purposes. Producing these trucks aren't cheap, but at least they're better than some beat up old van.


  • Ram zombies with the front of the truck to make them fall over.
  • Driving the truck can be tricky sometimes.
    • Turning isn't instantaneous. Plan before you drive.
    • Handling is a lot better when driving in reverse.
  • ROBLOX's physics may cause some problems.
    • Try not to be surprised if your M939 flies into oblivion.
  • To not fall off while a player is driving, board the back and crouch.
  • To upright an M939, kick or punch while entering the driver's seat.
    • The animations may flip the truck in your favour.
    • The wheels may lag a bit because of this, but be patient.


  • This can be considered a reincarnation of the Van from R2D 2014.
  • This is the currently second player-controlled vehicle in the game, with the first being Panama Beach's Boat.
  • During Debug, the truck would often flip over or fly off the map. Sometimes, the textures wouldn't load at all.
  • Originally, the M939 was planned for release all the way back on the DEMO stage of the game.
    • However, it never released back then for an unknown reason.
    • It can be speculated that this was due to the truck completely stopping whenever it hit a zombie.

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