"I'm 99% sure this is supposed to have 4 barrels. Is it a bootleg that copied R-Brain Hardwork by the evil L-Brain Sidework?"


The M202 A1 FLASH (FLame Assault SHoulder Weapon) is a grenade launcher that was originally an American designed weapon. Its large size makes it look heavy, but it's actually very light. This allows you to bring a bigger gun. However, don't expect much out of the rockets in terms of radius and overall reliability, as they were modified to be lighter as well.

Background Story

After the Bazooka was no longer in production, survivors considered themselves vulnerable without any rocket launchers. In desperation, many search parties were conducted in search of the next Bazooka. You can only imagine the joy survivors felt when they found a blueprint for the M202. It wouldn't ever compare to what was the Bazooka, but survivors are content for now.


  • You can rocket jump with this, but it is not recommended as you can easily kill yourself even with a Bulldozer II vest.
  • It's an explosive weapon, so be cautious when using this as you may blow yourself up if you hit an area close to your location.
  • Use this if you are getting chased by a horde of zombies from a distance.
    • If you want to shoot this at a long range, make sure to aim higher as gravity pulls down the grenade.
  • You can shoot at a wall where a zombie is and it will still blow them up.
  • It is capable of making a Mortar with this, since shots have physics similar to a Brute club throw.
  • You cannot use this during FFA or TDM, so remember to un-equip it.
  • The M202 has a low blast radius, but it is perfect for a Brute counter-weapon.
    • A Brute can take a 5 direct hits from an M202 before it is killed.


  • This is a reincarnation of the Bazooka, which was a weapon only ever available to use during the R2DA Demo before the final preparations for R2DA's release.
  • Similar to the Chinalake from the original R2D.
    • This has the same audio used by the Chinalake in R2D when shooting.
  • The blast radius of the M202 is smaller than a normal Grenade due to possible balancing issues.
  • This weapon has similarities with the "Black Box" from Team Fortress 2.
    • Both only have one barrel, but the M202 here does not heal like the aforementioned "Black Box".
  • The M202 in real life actually has 4 barrels, and is reloaded from the back and not the front.
  • The firing system was changed after v0.9.0.
  • When fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr, the M202 does not damage his health, but it could possibly destroy his fireballs.
    • If the M202 rocket could hit one of his fireballs near Lord Pumpkin Jr, he would've died immediately.
  • This weapon has an unreleased skin that was nicknamed "Candy Cane".

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