"The M1A1 Thompson capable of bringing flashbacks from the previous R2D game."


This weapon is great at tearing down hordes and having the ability to continuously fire for a while without having to reload. Having great accuracy, damage, and being automatic make this gun a great pick-up for any survivor. Be careful, for it does chew through ammo pretty quick, so don't miss too many shots.

If you like having the ability kill multiple targets without having to reload, then this is the weapon for you.

Background Story

While checking off their hypothetical checklist, it came to light that there was a lack of a fully automatic weapon on the market.

As an introduction weapon to R-Brain Hardwork's new category, the M1A1 Thompson was created. It still holds up to this day as a solid beginning to the automatic series.


  • The fire rate can be slow, so aim at the head to be efficient.
    • Take advantage of the fire rate, you won't instantly chew through ammo.
  • Don't bother tap firing. It's the same thing as going fully automatic.
  • The lack of overheating can help with sustained fire against hordes.
    • Of course, no gun in R2DA has an overheating feature.
  • While ADS'ing, mind the recoil. Pull down to compensate.
  • You can bring armor, such as the Bulldozer I or the Bulldozer II, and you will have 3 mags, which will make the gun's ammo last longer.
    • You can also buy the Drum Mag to have the bit more ammo, but will decrease accuracy slightly.
    • This can be compensated with crouching and ADS'ing.
  • Use the Ironsights attachment, which is supplied on purchase, as it makes the gun slightly more accurate.
    • It can compensate for the accuracy reduction of the drum mag.


  • This is the fourth weapon to return from R2D 2014.
  • This is the first World War era weapon, the second being the Luger P08.
  • The reload animation is similar to the M16A1's animation.
  • Compared to the M4A1 and the Kalashnikova, it fires slightly slower.
  • This is the subject of a video of how R2DA meshes are being made.
  • In real life, the M1A1 Thompson is surprisingly accurate compared to the display shown in-game.
  • This gun can be considered a slower version of the AK-47.
  • Drum magazines were not actually used for the M1A1 edition of the Thompson.
    • The drum magazines were only used in the commonly nicknamed "Chicago Typewriter" models of the Thompson.
    • Drum magazines were dropped for 30-round stick magazines due to their tendency to jam and rattle, which wasn't suitable for war use.

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