"The M1A1 Thompson capable of bringing flashbacks from the previous R2D game."


This weapon is great at tearing down hordes and having the ability to continuously fire for a while without having to reload. Having great accuracy, damage, and being automatic make this gun a great pick-up for any survivor. Be careful, for it does chew through ammo pretty quick, so don't miss too many shots.

If you like having the ability kill targets at a distance, but don't have the capabilities to use a rifle, then this is the weapon for you.

Background Story

R-Brain Hardwork is back with an all-new automatic sub-machine gun. They were having quite a bit of success, but after realizing they hadn't created a fully automatic weapon, the Thompson was what they made to fill in the hole. This weapon used to exist in the first phase of the outbreak, but R-Brain Hardwork decided to change it a bit, decreasing the fire rate and upping the damage. Only veterans will be able to tell you which version is better.


  • The fire rate is relatively slow, so aiming at the head can speed up the process of killing zombies.
  • This gun is good for whittling down a Brute and ambushing both an Edgar and a Leaper. Try to use it as such.
  • This is a close-range gun, not a sniper, so don't try to snipe from halfway across the map.
    • Crouching and Aim Down Sights will allow the use of its full range with effectiveness. It's lack of over-heat compliments this and helps with sustained fire against hordes.
  • Equip the Ironsights as it'll give +20 accuracy to its shoddy, but not surprising, accuracy.
  • Mind the recoil on the camera when ADS, otherwise use 3rd person.
  • Don't bother tap firing, it would do the same thing as going full auto.
  • It's not as overpowered as you think. Don't panic if you see someone running around with this in Free For All.


  • This is the 5th returning gun from R2D, the Thompson.
  • This weapon was shown in a video of the process of how R2DA weapons are made.
  • The reload animation of this is slightly similar to M16A1.
  • In real life, the M1A1 Thompson is surprisingly accurate compared to the display shown in-game.
  • This is the third automatic gun in R2DA, excluding the M4A1, MP5, and the Kalashnikova from the Demo.
    • It is slightly slower than the original M4A1 and Kalashnikova.

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