"This cheap armor will float you. But not float your way to a happy ending."


An extremely basic vest for protection.

Despite the name, it cannot stop you from drowning. It also can't protect your neck from an Edgar or your chest cavity from a Leaper.

Background Story

These are made from bits of clothing or anything that can soften the blow of a punch.

People like to reminisce about the world before the apocalypse, and the hastily distributed (and made) Lifevest was one of the first things that they received to help them survive just a little bit longer for rescue to come their way.


  • This was the first armor in R2DA.
  • During Pre-Demo, this was referred to as simply "Health".
  • 25 of these are included in the Starterpack.
  • The Lifevest used to supply 25 HP instead of 15 HP.
    • It is unknown why it was lowered to 15, but the Crab Armor came around this time with similar stats to this.
  • The Lifevest has the same model as the Firevest, just red instead of yellow.
    • Whenever a player Zombifies, a bug will occur where this vest will turn green, similar to the shade of the zombie's skin color.
    • As both vests use the same model, this bug applies to both iterations.
  • This is close to looking like the Flak Vest from R2D 2014.

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