"This scope would be nice if I actually had the Barrett to begin with."


It's the brand new scope on the Barrett 50. Cal! Gives you a totaling range of 400 and an accuracy of 500. Who wouldn't want that?

Background Story

Like with all great snipers, you need a good scope. The Remington had the Vortex Viper while the Dragunov had the PSO-1 Scope. Clearly the Barrett needed something as good as these great attachments.

Considered a mix of the Vortex and the PSO, R-Brain Sidework though this was the best way of creating a great scope. To this day, many survivors have attributed many kills to this piece of craftsmanship.


  • Like all other scopes, your camera will move slightly to the left when zoomed in.
  • Due to the high recoil, don't shoot as quickly as possbile to kill high health zombies like the Ticker.


  • Even though it gives the same bonuses as the Viper, it costs much more. (1,400$ vs 6,000$)
  • With the price tag of 6,000$, this was formerly the most expensive Attachment.
    • Hipfire, with a price of 10,000$, overtakes its position.

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