"Ripping your organs ferociously apart and leaping like a frog, this is one deadly zombie to look out for."
―Lightning Boy


The Leaper is a slow zombie with the ability to leap on survivors, disarming the survivor and dealing quick damage for the duration of the pin. The Leaper makes up for its low speed with its lightning-fast leaps, which can cover a large distance in a very short time. Since a survivor cannot do anything when pinned by a Leaper, it is a fearsome foe for any survivor.

Background Story

Some characteristics can be traced to the fast Crawler-type zombies and the high-jumping and prowling Hunter-types that have disappeared a few years ago, suggesting that this could be a mutation, or perhaps it has even evolved from crawling on all fours and jumping to great heights to a more focused and powerful leap. However, the fact that Crawler-types and Hunter-types have both vanished so quickly and that they were almost immediately replaced with Leapers suggest once again, as shown with the previous specimens that have seemingly appeared out of the blue, that someone or something out there is making these zombies, or at least are genetically modifying them.


Leap: Leaps forward at a fast speed, pinning and disarming whoever it lands on. Consumes 20 energy.
Rip: Damages currently caught victim by 10 HP every hit at a rapid rate. Consumes no energy.



  • To avoid future Leaper problems, kill Leapers quickly before they can surprise you later.
  • Using third-person to shoot Leapers is recommended, as they are much easier to hit.
  • Pay attention if a teammate is caught by a Leaper and kill them as quickly as you can.
  • If a Leaper jumps at you and you don't have ammo:
    • Use well-timed kicks and punches to stun and finish them off.
      • It is possible to "deadstop" a Leaper by meleeing it in mid-air, but this is extremely difficult and requires perfectly timed attacks.
    • Try to time your jumps to dodge your attacker until they run out of stamina. It's harder for Leapers to hit you in the air.
    • Parkour to higher ground where the Leaper can't get you easily, but be warned as they can still jump nearly as high as you can. Even if you just barely avoid getting pounced upon, there's still a chance you get caught, presumably due to lag or hitboxes.
  • If you happen to have a Fire Extinguisher and you are alone with a Leaper, stunning it with the Fire Extinguisher is extremely helpful.
    • However, If the Leaper goes in first person, it may move around really quickly when stunned.
  • Keep your distance, and stay near other survivors.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and watch those corners so you don't get surprised by a Leaper.
  • Using a Pipebomb will leave this zombie helpless and slow, making it an easy target for it to be picked off.


  • Leapers can jump higher by looking up.
  • You could always play the waiting game. You don't have to play aggressively.
    • Surprising people from pouncing out from behind a corner is an option.
    • Charging towards them while they are distracted by a Brute is also a good opportunity.
  • Hold space to cover ground quickly, or rush a survivor.
  • Jumping off from a high place on a survivor will usually allow you to deal a decent amount of damage, even if they're with their friends.
  • If you look up and hold space at the right angle, you can pin down survivors on trees in Panama Beach.
  • Use your speed to zig-zag towards the target.
  • Try not to have low energy near survivors, enough misses and you will be totally defenseless.
    • You require your prey to be pinned to attack it.


  • Leaper is a replacement for the Hunter from R2D.
  • Leaper uses the Legendary Rogue package.
  • Before v0.5.9, the Leaper mob was ranked as one of the most overpowered special infected until v0.6.6 when the spawn rate for them was reduced greatly.
    • Currently, there is a 3 Leaper limit across all servers (even Prestige) but this can be avoided by buying a Leaper.
  • Leapers cannot break down doors or windows.
  • Leaper can swim extremely fast by FPS walking into the water.
  • They used to have Pipebomb immunity, but as of v0.6.8, they are now attracted to one.
  • Leapers can move extremely fast if stunned while in FPS mode. This is likely a glitch.
  • Leapers can still jump when their stamina is depleted, but the height gained is negligible.
  • There was a glitch in past where the Leaper could pin 2 survivors at a time, but this glitch was later patched.
  • There is an unused hurt sound for this zombie that may be added later.

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