"Sometimes I feel like, somebody's watching me... and I have no privacy."


This scope grants night vision, with a green tint like most night vision goggles/scopes. Basically made exclusively for No Mercy and Terminal Decay, this is pretty useful on the map, as the darkness is seriously annoying. You can buy this if you want, but if you want to save money, just press 'X' to use your flashlight.

Background Story

Before the apocalypse, armies used the LP Hawkview attachment for recon missions or to kill enemies silently in the dark. Using amplified light technology, this scope allows the anyone who uses it to see through the night with ease. Survivors quickly took interest of this night vision scope and repurposed it from it's former military usage to scout sneaky zombies in the dark, hopefully to not get surprised.


  • Extremely useful on dark maps, such as No Mercy and Terminal Decay.
  • Stay aware. Zoom out constantly to get a good view of your surroundings to ward off any attackers.


  • This is the only attachment in the game so far to give night vision.
  • Only Scope not to give extra Range.
  • Currently unknown if this is going to be added to other guns like the Barrett 50 Cal, or the Dragunov.

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