"The key to hell..."


This item is never physically seen in your inventory at all, however, it is implied that this item is permanent (Halloween 2016).

This key specifically was used during Halloween 2016. Obtaining this as a drop from Halloween Bootcamp would allow you to start a vote for the Lord Pumpkin Jr. Boss Arena.

During Chronos Chamber you must use a Pad Key to unlock Chronos Gate and continue the Quest.


  • This key could formerly be bought as a Gamepass for 100R$.
  • Keys cannot be transferred between events.


  • If you have the key during a round of Chronos Chamber, the key decal will float above your head.
    • This can be removed by vote, if 4 users type "unkey [player name]".
  • R2D 2014's Halloween Event 2014 also used keys.
    • In that context, keys were used to allow the player to vote for the Lord Pumpkin Boss Arena.

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