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"Served many throughout the SANI outbreak, but now gone out of trace. To some survivors, this was the best item that ever existed and can still remember glorious memories of this jetpack."
―Racing Steel


The Jetpack, otherwise known as a Rocket Belt or Rocketpack, is a device that is worn on the back of the player which uses jets of gas to propel users and effectively escape hordes.

From a demonstration from SWAGER21, PlaceRebuilder quickly learned that the Jetpack was easily abusable and thus it was removed.

Background Story

In the days before the apocalypse, technology was advancing extremely quickly. Things like fully electric cars, solar panels, and even cheap Gigabit internet were becoming mainstream. Along with these things, ideas which were popularized by science fiction slowly turned from fantasy into reality. This included the Jetpack, a mass-produced, relatively cheap piece of machinery that ran on batteries.

During the apocalypse, many believed that these things littered around would be extremely useful for an easy getaway. Their hopes were cut short, however, when they realized that they were definitely not meant for use when toting around heavy guns. They were alright for a while, but after a week or two, heavily used Jetpacks broke down and became obsolete. As blueprints became scarce, these slowly faded away.

Recent efforts into recreating one of these have not gone unnoticed.


  • This doesn't have infinite fuel, but it does regain fuel over time.
    • The Jetpack does not prevent fall damage, so don't be too careless with it.
  • Use this with the Bazooka to unleash mini-airstrikes upon the hordes underneath you.
  • The point of this is to allow you to get around quicker.
    • Use it for an easy escape from in oncoming horde, or for a sweet shortcut to the top of a building.


  • While in the process of removing it, PlaceRebuilder refunded 100$ for every Jetpack that user bought.
    • To prevent people from buying even more during this period, the price was raised to 50,000,000$.
  • When initially released, the Jetpack did indeed prevent fall damage.
    • However, if your character started flailing in the air, using the Jetpack would not save you.
  • Shortly before it was removed, the Jetpack was remodelled and a new colour scheme was introduced.
  • This is one of the few items not to appear in your physical inventory.