This item has been removed.
There's no way to get this item in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Served many throughout the SANI outbreak, but now gone out of trace. To some survivors, this was the best item that ever existed and can still remember glorious memories of this jetpack."
―Racing Steel


The Jetpack (otherwise known as a Rocket Belt or Rocketpack) is a device that is worn on the back which uses jets of gas to propel users and effectively escape hordes.

From a demonstration from SWAGER21, PlaceRebuilder quickly learned that the Jetpack could easily be abused within game rounds and thus it was removed.

Background Story

Developed by hardworking people in the years before the apocalypse, many were recovered from wreckage. They had regenerating fuel and were extremely useful, but their cheap materials that enabled mass-production led to quick degrading and breaking. Even though this item went out of stock, users still remember its great glory and enchantments.


  • Don't be scared of this anymore, the Jetpack is dead and will stay like that for eternity.
  • This doesn't have infinite fuel, but it does regain fuel over time.
    • The Jetpack does not prevent fall damage, so don't be too careless with it.
  • Use this with the Bazooka to unleash mini-airstrikes upon the hordes underneath you.
  • The point of this is to allow you to get around quicker.
    • Use it for an easy escape from in oncoming horde, or for a sweet shortcut to the top of a building.


  • The price was originally 100$, then raised to 150$, then raised further to 500$.
    • While in the process of removing it, PlaceRebuilder refunded 100$ for every Jetpack that user bought.
    • To prevent people from buying even more during this period, the price was raised to 50,000,000$.
  • When initially released, the Jetpack did indeed prevent fall damage.
  • When your character started flailing in the air in the critical fall state, using the Jetpack would not save you.
  • Shortly before it was removed, the Jetpack was remodelled and a new colour scheme was introduced.

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