"Now step on the gas!"
―Instructor Mooselini


It is what it is. Like a Molotov, this weapon can set zombies and players (when applicable) on fire, but it has the added bonus of being explosive. These suckers explode with a simple bullet shot, creating a pretty firework display in the process. Placing down many of these guys will cause an even bigger fireworks display. The more, the better!

It is also a vital accessory for the Caved In and Farmhouse Campaign.

You can drop this by pressing Backspace.

Background Story

You might've thought that gas would be rare in the apocalypse. That's not the case, however, as pretty much most of the population is dead, vehicles are rare, and there are a lot of things more important than gas. Thus, there really is just a lot of gas cans laying around unused, so gas is really quite plentiful.


  • When blown up, it sets anyone caught in the radius on fire.
  • If a Jerry Can explodes near another, it'll cause a chain reaction.
    • Strategically place these to eradicate an oncoming horde.
    • You can chain explosions with Propane as well.
  • Similar to the Grenade and Steil, this may prove useful for suicide late in the round.
  • Like a Molotov, any Elemental can be healed from this.
  • Both the Crabmine, Propane and this can be placed down and left for later.
    • Unlike the former, it can still be picked up by another player.
  • You can find these laying around for free during Caved In's and Farmhouse's Campaign.
    • These are used to fill the generator in Caved In and in Farmhouse.
    • The Jerry Cans lying around can be shot and blown up, but you still have to use them to fill the generator.
  • These can be exploded by a Tomahawk.
  • If you bring (or buy via In-Game Store) a Jerry Can during Caved In or Farmhouse Campaign mode, you can use it to refill the generator without finding one.



  • Added as arena reward in v1.0.0b.

  • This is similar to the Gas Can, an objective item from R2D 2014, but it wasn't used as a weapon back then.
    • Ironically, the Jerry Can is also used as an item on campaign during Caved In.
    • This makes this the first item to be used both as a tool and as an accessory.
  • You cannot trigger Jerry Cans being held by other survivors.
  • During Debug you could only blow up TNT using a Jerry Can.