There are multiple kinds of Items and are one of the most crucial things in the game. There are many advantages and some disadvantages on all Items, and they can be extremely helpful in tight situations. Items can be found in supply cabinets scattered around the map or bought n' equipped prior to the start of a new round. There are also special event items, that cannot be purchased with normal gold. They can be bought with Tickets, which you get by killing a boss. Like normal items, event items are useful during rounds.

ButtonGrenade ButtonMolotov PillsButton ButtonHealthkit ButtonPipebomb ButtonDefibs
ButtonAirstrike ButtonFlash NHammerButton ButtonFireExtinguisher ButtonSnowball Jerrycan-Button
Propane-template Steil-template TomahawkButton-template Jetpackbutton ThisButtonWasMadeByGrenadeGang
ButtonWhistle ButtonCandyCane Pie Bombie ButtonPruneJuice ButtonStrawberryJuice
ButtonPineJuice ButtonCrabmine ButtonFirebox ButtonClockbomb KingNOCherryButCakeButton SuperJumpButton
Bluesuquitbutton Redsuquitobutton ItemButton-OwOBomb
RhisnowMountButton MiniCrabMount VuumpkinsBotButton
TireButton BucketButton PlankButton RailButton TNTButton SuppliesButton
Greenboxbutton Stuffphonebutton Callbuttons PipeNonBomb MagicBoxVoiceButton RoseButton
UhhbrellaItemButton JerryTank DiamondFromMinecraftButton PickThatAxeButton2 Alien Gate Button
ButtonGOH ButtonGOW ButtonGOP Gift of 3.0 Gift of shrek Gift of idk
SkincrateButton GoldenBoxWithCsGoSkinsCrate HSB YetiCrate Batwingbutton
CRATE OR CRATE ChronosChestButton LPJR Chest Button YCB Caik ChestB CrabIIChestButton
ButtonGaladriel ButtonDisruptor Extraammobutton Key-0 Button TemplateContracts
Double EXP Ticket Cashbutton
OmgWhatIsThis??? IcePills

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