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The Ironsights is an optic attachment that is used for the M1A1 Thompson. A small optic sight that increases a pitiful amount of accuracy, but any optic sight is better than nothing.

Background Story

When L-Brain Sidework produced 4 models of the Ironsights for their newly manufactured weapons, R-Brain Hardwork decided to follow suit with two more for the M1A1 Thompson and the Barrett 50 Cal. Everyone likes free sights, right?


  • Equip to mitigate the effects of the Drum Mag.


  • This was the fourth optic sight to be added to the game.
  • In v0.9.6, this was renamed from "Standard Aim" to "Ironsights".
  • As of 1.1.4, this now supports the basic skins.

There are more ironsights available.
This is the Ironsight for M1A1 Thompson, other ironsights are available here .