These pages that have been deemed important enough to be seen in the top bar under the "Informative Pages" section.

They provide information on key things within R2DA, namely gameplay, and topics related to gameplay.


  • Weapons: These tools in your hand are the only thing keeping you from certain death.
  • Zombies: It's unnerving to think that these things were once part of society.
  • Armors: Just by wearing one of these, you feel like you're invincible! Don't let it go to your head.
  • Items: A small edge in the competition to live. Actually, several small edges.
  • Maps: Discover where you will meet your demise, or transformed into zombie poop.
  • Gamemodes: Indicates what you should be afraid of, and what you should be even more afraid of.
  • Features: A glossary of smaller pages that aren't as significant.

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