In-game Moderators
This page is meant for users have a status of Moderator.

This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Moderators+.

How to get started

Once the user was hired by an admin, the user is required to do the following steps.

1. Join R2DA Discord if you're not in it.

2. Prove yourself that you own the account, an admin will eventually promote the to Moderator role.

3. Some experienced moderators will eventually train you, listen to their instructions.

First day on the Job

You should read the in-game ban guide, learn from other moderators. You should also leave your ROBLOX messages on as well as become active on discord. If in doubt, ask others.

List of commands

Commands inside ( ) brackets, NOT [ ] brackets, means optional. Command works with or without it.

For more info, visit this page.

ban [username] (reason) (days)
Bans the player from the game. Permban if given without days.
Ex: ban fauzanhon being racist 7
kick [username]
Kicks the player out of the server.
Ex: kick fauzanhon
kill [username]
Kills the player.
Ex: kill fauzanhon
Ends the current round.
Ex: endgame
warn [message]
Displays chat message in capital red.
Ex: warn stop spamming
Becomes invisible in the leaderboard and menu.
Ex: hide
Becomes visible in the leaderboard and menu.
Ex: unhide
w [username] (message)
Whispers a message to the player.
Ex: w fauzanhon how are you
shutdown server
Shutdowns a server.
Ex: shutdown server

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