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In-game Bans Guide
This page is meant for users in game who have a status of Moderator and above.

Reasons that can get a user banned in-game. If a given reason does not appear here, an appeal can be proposed; but can also be listed if needed. Bans usually last between a day and a week depending on severity, but in few occasions can go up for weeks. Valid Temporary Bans require warning(s) from Moderators+ before banishment, however Valid Permanent Bans does not require such procedure.

All rules from the ROBLOX Community Guidelines also apply.

Your account, your responsiblities


If R$1,000+ is spent before a permanent ban is applied, the user can send a ban appeal ONCE to PlaceRebuilder ONLY .

Note that R2D 2014 purchases do not count.

If you break more than one rule, the ban times can be combined.

Evading ban will result in a ban time up to double the original proposed ban time.

Reference sheet for moderators.


Users who break a rule within this category will instantly receive the punishment. These reasons will be removed if either PlaceRebuilder successfully fixes the bug, or the situation has gotten into control.

  • Pending: Pending. [???]

Green Ban Reasons

Users who break a rule within this category will receive few warnings before a moderator takes action.

  • Bypassing Censorship: Breaking a filter by having extra characters or intended misspelling of a word. [1 day]
  • Swearing: The act of using vulgar language. [1 day - 3 days]
Words like "shit" is NOT ALLOWED in this case.
  • Spamming: Sending non-constructive messages with the sole intention of unnecessarily expanding the chat log. [1 day - 3 days]
  • Delaying Round: Purposely extending a round for a extended period of time for the sake of trolling. [1 day - 3 days]

Yellow Ban Reasons

Users who break a rule within this category will receive a warning before a moderator takes action.

  • Offsite Link: Sharing through bypassing methods an url redirecting to an offsite link not whitelisted by roblox.[1 week]
  • Obstructive construction: (Different from Abusive Construction, see Red Ban reasons) use of construction to block rescue routes or get other players stuck in an area on purpose. [1 day - 3 days]
  • Unbefitting Party: Party entitlement not suitable for public witness. [3 days]
  • Talking about sexual subjects or references: Discussing sexual subjects or using sexual words. [3 days - 1 week]
Sexual memes are included.
  • Player Impersonation: Owning an account whose appearance, username and or behavior are prompted to impersonate. [1 day]
Invalid if agreed by both players in question.
  • Attacking the Staff Team: Insulting the people PlaceRebuilder or Jopede has employed. [1 week] 
This especially applies after you were banned, but this can happen if you are being just plain annoying.
  • Mass Teaming: Formation of allies consisting of at least 2 players outside of your party working together for the gathering of experience, player points and coins. Teams must have at least 7 players for the rule to be applicableMass Teaming rule DOES NOT apply to private servers. [1 week - 2 weeks]
Clans are included.

Red Ban Reasons

Users who break a rule within this category will not receive a warning, and will be banned on sight.

  • Abusive Construction: Using the hammer to build obscene buildings such as expletive characters and illicit symbols. [1 week - 2 weeks]
  • Teamkilling: Abusing a irregularity/flaw left by the developers to kill your teammate in a gamemode which would be normally impossible to do in. [1 week - 1 month]
  • Revealing moderator: Revealing/exposing a hidden moderator while they are doing their job [3 days]
  • Hate Speech: Discrimination of one's race, national origin,or religious affiliation. [1 week]
  • Child Endangerment: Predatory behavior or anything that sexualizes children. [1 month]
  • Glitching Tutorial: Creating a video or online speech indicating the performance of an abusable or game breaking glitch which is not tolerated. [3 days - PERM]
Applies even if its outside R2DA.

White Ban Reasons

Offense tier highly depending on the severity. Note: Detailed guide coming soon.

  • False ModcallAbusing the usage of modcall by not having a solid reason stated within. [1 day - 7 days]
There are no verbal warnings since the user is prompted with one before requesting a moderator.
  • Glitching: Abuse of an unwanted flaw, malfunction or irregularity left by the developers. [3 days - 1 week]
Minor glitches that dosen't effect the gameplay dosen't count. (ie: Double Knife Throw)
  • Threats: Hack threats, hostile real life statements or suggestive suicide thoughts on someone. [1 week - 1 month]
Hack threats towards R2DA is an instant ban.
  • Flame War: Offensive argument based dispute between two or more individuals. [1 day - 1 week]
All users involved will be affected.
  • Bullying: Use greater influence or intimidation essentially for one's needs. This rule also includes targeting players, moderators, the creator etc in-game.  [1 days - 2 weeks]
  • Harassment: Aggressively inflicting explicit words towards an individual. Includes cooperation of two users spelling told word through single letters in order. [3 days - 2 weeks]

Black Ban Reasons

Users will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Hacking/Exploiting: Acquire unauthorized access or modification of a resourceful data or forcibly inject an outer code for advantage.[PERM]
  • Hacking/Exploiting Tutorial; Creating a video or online speech indicating the performance of a hack. [PERM]
  • Inappropriate username: Having a username which is not suitable for public witness. [PERM]
  • Lagswitching; Purposely break connectivity to provoke unsynchronized events on objects and players. [PERM]
  • Malicious Offsite Link:Sharing through bypassing methods an url redirecting to an offsite link whose content regards potentially harmful hacking activity, pornography or viewer shock. [PERM]
  • Staff Impersonation: Owning an account whose username and behavior are prompted to impersonate an official staff member. [PERM].
  • Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. [PERM]
  • Troll Account: The sole purpose of the account is to do inappropriate, harmful activities to everyone else. [PERM].

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