Idle is a feature that was implemented in v0.9.3. which allows a player's zombie to be controlled by an AI.

By simply saying "idle" in the chat as a zombie, the game will take over your zombie and control it until you intervene at any point in time.

An example of it being used can be found here.


  • Use this if you need to get away from your PC/Mac, or you generally just don't feel like playing for the round.
  • The system automatically allocates skill points whenever you level up.
    • For the first level, 3 skill points you receive when you do level up are automatically put into the 3 separate categories evenly.
    • After this, they are all put into speed.
    • If you do plan on strengthening your zombie in a certain area, you best interrupt the system before you level up.
  • The AI will chase the nearest player and will take the necessary steps to get there, but be aware that the system isn't perfect and will get stuck on various objects from time-to-time.
  • You can still jump and use your basic claw attack while in Idle mode. It won't turn off with you doing so.
  • Technically ignores all effects of the Flash, due to the fact that it's mostly visual impairment and your Idle zombie will still continue going towards its prey regardless.


  • Idle zombies are stun-proof and trip-proof, which was a glitch during v0.9.3 and still persists today.
  • Idle zombies currently chase Zombified players without attacking them.
  • Even after this system kills a survivor, it will not change targets and just stand on the body.
    • By this point you have to intervene, as until the body despawns, you can expect the system to just direct you back to the corpse.
  • After 30 seconds of no movement, the zombie will go Idle by itself.
  • This feature shares similarities with the AI Zombies in R2D 2014.

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