Highscores were implemented in v0.6.6. and only supported Survival and Hard. These serve as a little nice way to show-off how long you were able to survive on maps that support the latter. When you survive longer than what you initially survived for, a little animation plays, and your new time is noted whether you survive or die later in the round.

Your Highscores can be found under Settings, which is then under the aptly named "Highscores" tab. Besides having the time noted down to the second, it also shows a percentage on how far you were through that round.


A user receiving a new Highscore.


  • There was a removed Achievement for whenever you would get a new Highscore, of which you would then a 100$ bonus whenever achieved.
    • It is speculated that this could be easily abused and was later taken down.
  • When initially implemented in v0.6.6, this system also applied to zombies. This small issue was fixed in v0.6.7.
  • During v1.0.1, all Highscores were forcibly set at 25% complete. This was fixed the following update.
  • Your Highscore for formally compatible maps, such as Porta Coeli II or 1930's Kingstreet, will not appear at all.
  • This system does not support the Void, even if it supports Survival.
    • The round keeps on progressing even after the timer hits 0:00, so there's no official end.

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