The Helicopter is the main Vehicle used in Rescue.

In the past, if you sat in one of the seats either outside or inside of the old Helicopter, you would win the round. You weren't immune to dying.

For the new Helicopter model, you just have to press "F" to board. Once you board it, you are invincible and have basically won the round. If you want, you can leave at any time by pressing "F" again.

It will leave if all remaining survivors get in or after 1 minute has passed.

Whichever comes first.


  • A Pipebomb can force zombies away if you find it's too crowded.
    • A Grenade, or any explosive really, works as well.
      • Use any explosives you have left before boarding.
  • You are prevented from boarding when the cutscene starts.
  • You can enter even if stunned or captured by a Leaper/Edgar. You just have to be close enough.
  • You can enter on an Ice Rhino.


  • The old Helicopter was in New Bloxcoast from R2D 2014.

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