The Helicopter is a type of a rescue vehicle that the survivors must get in during the Rescue gamemode.

You first start off surviving until it comes, but how long you have to survive depends on the map itself. The time you have to wait increased for most maps during v0.9.3.

When the Helicopter finally arrives, it will land in a designated spot. If you are surviving on 1930's Kingstreet, it has the possibility of landing on two spots on the map. After waiting on the ground for a minute, it will fly away.

In the past, if you sat in one of the seats either outside, or inside of the old Helicopter, you would win the round.

For the new helicopter, you just have to press 'F' to enter, and if you want, press 'F' again to exit. The Helicopter will fly away if all survivors board the helicopter or 1 minute has passed, whatever comes first.


  • When the cutscene kicks in, you are disabled from entering the vehicle, and are left to die.
  • You can still enter even if you are stunned, it's just a matter if you are close enough to do so. This means you can enter even if you are pinned by a Leaper, or latched onto by an Edgar.
  • While questionable, you can leave safety by pressing 'F'.


  • The original model is the same Helicopter model featured in New Blox Coast from R2D.
  • The old model made you to either sit outside on the seats or sit inside. You were immune to most damage, excluding Elemental Rebirths, Brute clubs and Ticker radiation.
    • Now, when you enter, your character enters the vehicle and your camera is taken over by the game.
      • Due to your character disappearing completely, you are completely invincible and cannot be killed unless you leave.

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