Be smart.
You can be banned for not using the Hammer responsibly.

"A blunt tool designed to knock nails into things. Not much can be said about such rudimentary tools, other than the fact it can be used as a bludgeoning weapon if needed."
―Jay Effersson

See also: Buildings (Hammer)


Originally, the Hammer could only barricade structures by picking up planks spread throughout the map.

Later on, this was changed and it can now both construct buildings and barricade doors without having to pick up planks.

Background Story

Nobody knows how smashing a hammer and paying some money allows you to spawn fences, sandbags, and planks out of thin air, but don't worry about it. They're useful.


Smash: Basic melee attack doing 35 damage.

Consumes 6 energy.

LMB Hold
Barricade: Used to barricade doors and windows.

Consumes one plank.

R key
Rotate: Used to rotate buildable items.


  • When using the Hammer, make sure to have enough money to build whatever you need, otherwise, it will be a waste.
    • The main page for this information can be found here.
  • You can use this as a melee weapon, and it deals 35 damage per hit.
    • This item is able to headshot zombies for some bonus damage.


  • This is the only item that can be used as a weapon.
  • This was once abused in King Crab. People could spawn some buildings on top of destructible parts. When those parts were destroyed, they would be left floating in the air, practically invincible.
    • These are also banned in Chronos Dimension for a similar reason.
      • To counter this, all Hammers equipped prior to the round will automatically turn into some Pills.
    • For unknown reasons, the Hammer is also banned in the Void and M.S Antares.
  • Build Mode used to open with "B" and you could only buy and build from a limited selection. You didn't have a limit on how many buildings you could place down, however.
    • This all changed in what was dubbed as the Hammer Mega Update in v0.8.2, giving you the selection that you see today.
  • The Hammer used to cost 100$ a round during the early stages of the DEMO.
  • Before v0.8.3, you could build buildings on water.