"It's not that Golumn thing from The Hobbit, it is this floating ticket machine."
―Racing Steel


These are NPC's that spawn near the main entrance of the Chronos Chamber's first obby that have the ability to trip you with their punches just like any normal survivor. They offer a threat to you since they come in large hordes once you open the two doors. They also have the ability to spawn Clockbombs that can easily blow you to smithereens if you're not careful.

Background Story

When a mysterious, and very powerful clock recently heard that the survivors were traveling to combat him, he decided to make an obstacle course and hired Stone Golumns with their sons called Golumns to challenge the survivors. The survivors thought that the Golumns were weak minions but later on, they found out the Golumns had a lot of tricks up their sleeves like tossing the survivors like a ball, and throwing clock shaped bombs that are indeed quite fatal.

In a twisted way, they're protecting you from a greater danger. One that few can defeat and claim victory against.


  • They can die from Clockbombs placed down from other Golumns sometimes resulting in chain reactions.
  • They can trip you so be wary of any nearby lost floor or Clockbombs.
    • If you're unlucky, the Clockbomb will explode too soon for you to get away.
  • They come in huge hordes with a decent amount of health so stick together with your team to defeat them.
  • They constantly spawn unless you blow up the wall so get a Clockbomb as soon as possible.
  • Despite being floating, they can fall off the map. Try to use this to your advantage!
  • Try to utilise the M202 or RPG once they spawn so it will be easier for your team to grab a Clockbomb with ease.
  • Do not use an Ice Staff or an Ice Gun against the Golumns, they won't freeze.