This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Get this gift and all the survivors gonna be jealous."


A mysterious blue gift with white ribbon and dark blue snowflake wrapping paper. People who hold this feel a sensation of power and wealth.

Inside were multiple Christmas cards from relatives that you thought were (but probably) dead. The cards were nice and all, but time is of the essence, and the cards were quickly looted.

This, along with other gifts, dropped during Christmas 2016.


  • This has a 20% chance of spawning during rounds.
  • When it has been spawned but not obtained for about 30 seconds, it emits blue sparkles into the sky, hinting to it's potential position.
  • Like the others, this gift can be equipped, but it will take up your secondary slot.
  • Like the others, this gift spawns on all maps except for Cake KingdomCasius Outpost, and Rhi-snow Territory.


  • As with other gifts, the player will shake it to figure out its contents.
  • This is technically a melee, but it does no damage.
  • The Gift of Wealth glows a dark blue when equipped.
  • When any of the three gifts was equipped and clicked before Christmas, your character gave it a little shake and the game told you, "Can't open until Christmas!"
    • This occurred with the remakes of these gifts from the 2017 Christmas Event.
  • The trio of gifts is one of the returning event items from the old R2D.
  • This will stay in your inventory until you decide to open it.
  • All of the gifts look the gifts in Cake Kingdom, but the only difference is that they have no glow.
  • During Debug, all of the gifts were an item, and lacked a shaking animation.
  • Unlike the other two gifts, the texture is a custom-made one.

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