Free Brawl is named MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in-game. It's basically a PVP round that has players punch and kick each other until only one survivor remains.

If 2 or more survivors are alive when the time limit of 3 minutes runs out, everyone will be instantly killed and receive a game over, with no winner being chosen.

As of v0.9.3, there is now an entire Universe that's dedicated to PVP modes only. Any survivors who only look forward to fighting other survivors can now join an entire server that only allows modes such as MMA.


  • While you may be looked down upon by others for this, you can team up with other survivors to easily take down other survivors.
  • You can still buy Pills from the In-Game Store.
  • Blocking using the "Caps Lock" button can be very useful here, as it makes you immune to punches and kicks whilst you hold it. You can then counter-attack the other survivor whilst they have low stamina.
    • Although you can block for a long time, it's not recommended due to the time it takes for stamina to regen.
  • Be careful and don't stand on the edges of buildings, as you can be stunned, causing you to fall off the buildings and take even more damage.
  • Don't try to use Grenades or Molotovs on other players, as it they will have no effects.
  • Try to conserve stamina, as if your stamina is below the red line, any hit will knock you down, making you extremely vulnerable to kicks.
    • However, when you are knocked down (not dead), you can still punch and kick, as long as you have enough stamina for it. However, it is not recommended as you can simply be knocked down again due to causing your stamina to go back below the red line.


  • Armor has been banned from this Gamemode ever since v0.4.9.
  • PlaceRebuilder once considered removing Free Brawl through a Twitter Poll.
  • If you get the last hit on someone right before the timer runs out, you'll get 50$ for the "kill". This may be a bug.
  • For a while, it was very common for players to lag. On their screen, the player could move around and hit people, but on your screen it would look like you were being beat up by nothing.
    • This was fixed soon after.
  • This is another returning Gamemode from R2D, albeit with minor differences:
    • Players start off with 100 HP (110 if in the Community), while R2D spawned in players with 200 HP.
    • Players will also spawn in with invinicibility to make spawn killing less common, whereas R2D had no spawning force fields.
    • Players can only be tripped up if their stamina was low.

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