"Welcome zombies... To your worst nightmare. Prepare to be spawn killed... A LOT."


A small, enclosed map. You can use many different play styles on this map. You can run and gun, camp, snipe, etc.

Just please don't block the ladder.

Background Story

Foxriver Prison serves as a solitary one. It's not Alcatraz by any means, but it housed individuals deemed not dangerous, but just unstable enough to not be safe enough to release back into society.

Guards here worked in their own home. Their only entertainment were the other prisoners, and besides the occasional quibble, it got boring.

When it started snowing, these guards felt uneasy. Their suspicions were only confirmed went their monthly drop of supplies didn't arrive. The zombies on the horizon didn't help either.

With the other prisoners, everyone on-site evacuated in search of safety.


A small, enclosed map. You can use many different playstyles on this map. You can run and gun, camp, snipe, everything is welcome and supported. Just please don't block the ladder.

Unsurprisingly, Foxriver Prison has only one location of interest: the prison. While the outside is relatively open, the tight corridors can easily overwhelm you unless you know what you are doing.

Inside the prison, there are some cells on the first floor, a cafeteria on the second, and roof access. Outside, there is a basketball court. There is also a small guard tower attached to a building that's not connected to the main building.


  • If you find that the roof access has been blocked off because of a Hammer, with some parkour, you can climb the outside of the building onto the roof.
    • If you do have a Hammer, just don't block the ladder. This doesn't help in the long run.
  • As of v0.8.5, an 11 player limit has been imposed on Foxriver Prison, for Arena and Survival, due to people abusing the map for cash.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.


  • When initially released, Foxriver Prison was originally called "Fox River State Penitentiary".
  • This map is currently the smallest map in R2DA.
    • Porta Coeli II is a smaller map than Foxriver, but it was later removed from R2DA.
  • For Christmas Event 2016, this map got a makeover!
    • During this, the size of this map technically increased as the frozen sea could be walked on, unlike the other two maps which received a makeover.
  • As of v0.9.2, this map got recoloured to the colours you see today.
  • The removed Barbed Wire Fence can be seen on top of the gates to Foxriver Prison.
  • Terrain water used to embrace this entire map.
    • Now it's just frozen water, as the winter theme from Christmas 2016 was never removed.
    • This change may have been on purpose, as the water was extremely sensitive and many players died from simply just touching the water.
    • This made Foxriver Prison one of the three maps where the Snowball can actually be used.
  • To prevent Hammer users blocking the only path to the main prison roof, v1.0.1 had another ladder installed.

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