"With its super cooled white liquid that can somehow suck up radiation and extinguish fires, this is pretty good for dealing with those pesky Elementals and exploded Tickers."


This item is great for those who want to counter three of the most annoying zombies: Tickers and both Elementals. Those radioactive puddles screwing up your day? Fire Extinguisher. Are you on fire or shocked too often? Fire Extinguisher.

It's also quite useful for pushing zombies away from you. Don't use it excessively, however, as it doesn't have that much foam to expel. Little puffs are probably your best bet.

Background Story

These were the fireman's trusty weapon of choice when dealing with the flames of nature back before the zombie apocalypse came crashing down upon society.

After the virus swept across nations, people didn't have the time to extinguish a little loose matchstick fire. Luckily in place of these small inconveniences, Fire Elementals soon took their place as the deadliest thing in the apocalypse... before it was extinguished by everyone wielding this household commodity.

People were starting to get worried when Electric Elementals started hitting the streets. Turns out they seem to short out like batteries whenever they're hit with the foam. Similarly, some chemicals used in the foam formula seem to neutralise the Ticker's toxic waste, allowing survivors to remove radioactive waste with ease. Who knew?


  • This can remove radioactive puddles from an exploded Ticker tank. A single puff can take care of it.
  • The foam can push back and trips all mobs except for the Brute and both Elementals.
    • This does do fatal damage to both Elementals though, so take that aspect of the tip with a grain of salt.
  • If someone else is on fire, you can put them out with this. You can't extinguisher yourself.
  • This works through walls.
  • There is a limited amount of foam to spray, so conserve the foam. It depletes faster than one would expect.
  • Both the knockback and trip can be useful if you're running away from a horde and you have nothing left.
  • If you are not wearing a Firevest, use this instead to protect yourself from Fire Elementals.
  • This is very useful for protecting the President.
  • Bring this into maps where Electric Elementals are sure to appear due to the amount of glass, like No Mercy.


  • This is nicknamed "Fire Ext." in-game.
  • This is the second weapon to be an item.
    • However, it really only damages both types of Elementals.
  • Before v0.9.9, this item would not drop on a player's death.

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