Don't expect detailed information.
Currently, it is unknown if this is an official thing.
The page is rather speculative, and sources are limited.

"This vest isn't really, SHOCKING! Hahhahahah... Not funny. :("


A new armor, confirmed by PlaceRebuilder and BelowNatural.

This armor presumably offers protection against Electric Elementals but does not offer protection against Fire Elementals.

It's currently unknown if the shock protection this armor provides will also extend to a Charged Brute's Charged Smash.

Background Story

This highly futuristic vest was developed by the military to combat one of the more deadly threats of the apocalypse: the Electric Elemental. As advanced as the Faraday Vest is, what is to note is that this vest is quite flammable. While it does prevent a nasty shock, it can't protect you from a simple matchstick.

Between burning to death or being electrocuted to death, people don't know which one is worse.

In the apocalypse, you can never win. You can only get an advantage.


  • With the addition of this armor, the game becomes a gamble: will you be seeing more electricity in your life, or will you be seeing more fire?
    • Consider the map. If it happens to have a lot of glass like No Mercy, consider equipping it.
  • Use this while playing on a wide and open map. An attack from an Electric Elemental can come from a surprising distance away.


  • This is the second vest to counter a specific zombie, with the first being the Firevest.
  • This is the second non-event vest to not be modeled by Phalanyx, with first being the Bandolier.

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