Fame is an acquired stat/currency in R2DA that has many different functions. For one, it tells the game that you can be trusted to do certain task objectives in Campaign or Evacuation without trolling, messing up on purpose, not knowing what to do, and other related actions.

You can earn Fame by doing basic task objectives like taking part in fully-raising a flag, saving an NPC*, or returning an item back to its rightful place to win the round. However, you can also lose that Fame by doing various things.

The amount of Fame you have is seen when you hover your mouse over your rank bar or open up the scoreboard in-game using Tab.

Currently, the only item you can buy with Fame is The Phial of Galadriel. However, you can use Fame to loan a Key.

* The gamemode that allowed you to do this has now been removed from the game.



  • There are 3 sounds within PlaceRebuilder's inventory associated with Fame:
    • Fameup, which plays when you receive 1 Fame.
    • Famedown, which plays when you lose Fame.
    • MultipleFameup, which plays when you receive multiple Fame at once.
  • Driving the Victory Truck used to cost fame, but no longer uses Fame to drive because it's AI-controlled.
  • Intentionally killing Sam in Evacuation was another way one could lose Fame.
  • The Star icon used for Fame is reused from Pillow Fight Simulator 2017.
    • There, it is used as currency to purchase hats to wear.