"Won't be nearly as OP as the original famas."


The FAMAS was an infamous weapon from R2D 2014 that was known for how it could easily and utterly dominate a server. To say sorry, it returns with a sharp new look and not-so-overpowered statistics.

Like the Spas-12, it has gone through several changes. Whether these changes have been good or bad, it's up to you.

Background Story

When it came to automatics, the AK-47 was the best of the bunch. It was fast, it was accurate, and it was a staple you could find on the market. Seeing this fame, R-Brain Hardwork decided to venture once again into the category. After scavenging through a few places, their scouts found some blueprints for the FAMAS. They forwarded it to the floor for mass reproduction, and it was out in no-time.

In their haste to push a new product, the first initial reviews of the weapon were mixed. Some praised the ammo capacity, but the main point of criticism was especially the damage. It was agreed that perhaps they should've spent some more time refining this weapon.

To tackle the problem of low damage, the bullets were made sharper and slightly thicker. The thicker bullets led to less being able to fit into a single magazine, but reviews regardless have still gone up ever since.


  • With the high fire rate, you have to try to conserve ammo.
  • With a higher DPS, this can be considered a deadlier AK-47.
    • It's best to deal headshots to maximise efficiency.
    • Tap fire so you don't miss a shot.
      • This also applies if you're trying to kill mobs from afar.
    • Using those extra magazines given from armor will help.
  • Using the CK Swat/Rambo Knife with this can be a devastating combo.
  • Crouching gives the FAMAS an accuracy boost.
    • You will have more chance of dealing damage at medium range this way.


  • This is the seventh/eighth returning weapon from R2D 2014.
    • It was added along with the RPG, hence both numbers.
  • This is the first bullpup weapon to be added.
  • When this had 23 (or 22) damage, this held the record for the least damage done per bullet, tied with the Spas-12.
    • The Spas-12 now holds the record for lowest damage alone.
      • Keep in mind it does shoot 8 pellets at the same time.
  • The FAMAS is known throughout the community as one of, if not, the most hated weapon ever.
    • The infamy is garnered from R2D 2014 where the FAMAS was given 30/3 ammo and 45 damage.
      • On top of this, it had 1000 RPM. Any Tank was annihilated, rivalling a Minigun without drawbacks.
      • With all of these aspects, this gave it the hypothetical DPS of 750 — an extremely overkill number.
    • Even after being reintroduced in R2DA, it then garnered infamy for being an extremely weak weapon.
      • To this day, even after its damage buff to 30, it's still unclear whether this gun is balanced or not.
  • FAMAS stands for "Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne" in French.
    • In English, this translates into "Assault Rifle from the Saint-Étienne Weapon Factory", a quite literal name.
    • The model in-game seems to be based off the F1 variant, but the barrel is shorter than it should be.
    • The FAMAS has a common nickname, which is "Clairon" (French for Bugle) due to its shape.

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