With the Tickets that you earn during events, you can buy event items within the Cash Shop which you can then use in-game. There are a variety of things that you can get, such a vest, a helpful item, or even a brand new weapon.

If you're also willing to spend some Robux, you can head here to buy yourself some Skincrates for your arsenal. You can get a quick cash injection from here to also get that weapon you really want.

This page will only show the items within the Cash Shop which you can buy for Tickets.


R2DA Release Event 2016

ButtonCrabvest ButtonCrabmine ButtonPruneJuice ButtonStrawberryJuice ButtonPineJuice ButtonNewspaper
10 Tickets 15 Tickets 5 Tickets 10 Tickets 15 Tickets 999 Tickets

R2DA Halloween Event 2016

Boopack Pie Bombie
15 Tickets 5 Tickets 10 Tickets

R2DA Christmas Event 2016

ButtonGingerbreadArmor ButtonPenguin ButtonCandyCane ButtonBell-0
15 Tickets 45 Tickets 5 Tickets 999 Tickets


ButtonWhistle ButtonFirebox ButtonClockbomb ToybowButton
10 Tickets 20 Tickets 40 Tickets 999 Tickets

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