Emotes are ways you can express yourself in-game. The original R2D had custom and default Roblox animations for emotes but R2DA only has custom emotes. These options are normally used for comical purposes. Some R2DA emotes can change the face of your avatar.


These are all of the possible emotes that you can do in R2DA:

E bf E boi E dab E dance
/e bf /e boi /e dab /e dance
E dance2 E facepalm E insane E lalaland
/e dance2 /e facepalm /e insane /e lalaland
E panic E sit E split Missing guy
/e panic /e sit /e split /e wave


  • The first version of /e dance was added to v0.0.2.
    • The replacement animation of /e dance and the addition of /e dance2 and /e panic was implemented in v0.0.3.
  • R2DA does not support the standard /e dance3, /e point, /e cheer, or /e laugh seen in other ROBLOX games.
  • The /e dab emote was added in v0.9.1.
  • All emotes run on a loop except /e facepalm, /e dab, /e boi, /e bf, /e split, and /e wave.
  • You can only use emotes as a survivor, unlike R2D where survivors and zombies could do it.
  • /e insane, /e sit, /e lalaland, and /e split were added in v0.9.9.
  • /e wave was added in v1.0.1.
    • Within this update as well, /e insane now changes the player's face to a custom panicked one.
  • When /e panic was first added, the player's face changed during the animation. However, this was changed in later updates for unknown reasons why.
  • /e bf is more of a secret emote, and has not been expressed in the update logs.

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