Easter eggs and references are everywhere, including the previous R2D. Try to take a minute or two to look for them when you play, because some of them are interesting.

Bouri Rig 71

Pink Egg.

A pink egg is visible near the grey tanks.

Orange Egg

This egg is also near the grey tanks.

Panama Beach


In the cave, you will find this chest, in which the mesh was used as a reward for Boss rounds in R2D.


Underwater you may also find this chest, which is the new mesh for the chests used as rewards in boss rounds.

No Mercy

RobloxScreenShot02112017 144538-643

This poster shows JOHN ROBLOX (as Mr Krabs) as a R2DA mod.


A plushie of PlaceRebuilder.

Café County

Rambo Knife

This thumbnail was used in the old R2D.

Foxriver Prison


The logo of this pizza box is the one used by another ROBLOX game, Work At A Pizza Place.


The Shovel

These Shovels can be found leaning against the house on the side.


Farmhouse Posters (From left to right): Brute's new face, Shovel and Last Harvest


Farmhouse Posters (From left to right): Terminal Decay, Last Harvest


Farmhouse Poster: 1930's Kingstreet


Farmhouse Poster: Terminal Decay

Roblox 2017-05-28 2 20 48 PM

Wibze and PlaceRebuilder

Halloween Bootcamp


This Pumpkin texture is from Minecraft.

Casius Outpost


A reference to a meme from Fairly Odd Parents.


A callback to the previous Wikia.


Krieg and StreetBuilder.

Driving Unlimited

A laptop with a picture of (presumably) another ROBLOX game, Driving Unlimited.


Outskirts... If you remember that


Best Pizza's alongside the best designs

The Complex


The boat of the removed map, Porta Coeli II.


A Barack Obama Reference. Made by Iron ISO.


A wanted poster of a well known builder for R2DA.


Top pic is a thumbnail from the original game, R2D. Middle pic was made by FelixSnowFlake, and was used for a thumbnail on one of SWAGER21's videos. Bottom pic is from Rocky, a well known render artist.

Zero Kelvin Station

RobloxScreenShot03072017 074647372

The befallen Rhi-Snow

RobloxScreenShot03072017 075253512

A bottle of Sunny D


Poster made by FelixSnowFlake

RobloxScreenShot20170711 232922531

PR Hat and the dead currency.

Shoot'em Up Town

RobloxScreenShot04012017 103418845

A Roblox Set of R2DA

Posters in-game

Movie Posters


Like many other buildings, most are named with hidden names.


Originally, this billboard was found on XelPixels' Twitter. Reference to Holiday's World, Place's favorite game.

RobloxScreenShot04012017 103726672

Referring to Murder Mystery's creator: Nikilis for winning Bloxxy awards every year.

1930's Kingstreet


Event poster during the Christmas Event 2016.

RobloxScreenShot03302017 202648418

An Old Ammo Crate. Not refillable though.

Oie A6oT5uZMCb9c

A teddy bear in the Truck referencing Campfire Chaos.

S.S. Boliviar

Roblox 2017-05-28 1 26 12 PM

A cereal reference to the trend as people refer the Pal Hair as Bacon Hair.

Roblox 2017-05-28 1 26 25 PM

A reference to the Drink by RoScripts.


PR Wanted


Hope Poster


Error has occurred


This plates also have those who suggested cars on Twitter.


From the No Mercy Poster

Tokyo, Japan

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110346309

No Mercy Hospital

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110405081

Made by HeavenIOC

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110420980

On TV...

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110427696

R2DA Related Posters

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110441057

Made by DoofDuckShmirtz

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110448500

Martial Heros... Remember that?

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110456842

R2DA Shop

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110606272


RobloxScreenShot20170619 110527639

PR vending Machine (other side is BelowNatural)

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110452925

R2DA Banners

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110639781

On English Media...

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110727063

T-Mobile, everybody forgot them.

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110739019

The standard advertising

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110755162

DoofDuckShmirtz's poster to the left and in the middle is the Call Mod poster

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110803615


RobloxScreenShot20170619 110807482

R2D Flashbacks

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110812392

Bootleg Lay's

RobloxScreenShot20170619 110649277

BelowNatural was here

RobloxScreenShot20170619 115334520


RobloxScreenShot20170619 115242249

PFS and Wanted posters

RobloxScreenShot20170619 115204199

PFS Store!


Billboard ads (Made by Sanquo, middle, and by NiKxzsu, right)

Mogadishu Transit


Half of the original peach ammo table minus the ammo on top

To-Do List

  • Mogadishu in Kingstreet and The Complex
  • No Mercy's other bloxkins (FullPrism)
  • Terminal Decay's Radios.
  • The actual hope poster from Café County
  • Rephrase the flags (and get an actual photo of it) from Casius Outpost
  • Posters, graffiti, plushies etc from Zero Kelvin.

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