lol welcome to my comic where I usually make funny stuff when I had time.


1.please don't put category in here randomly so Wibze won't be pissed k thx.

2.Vandalizers are dead.

3.ALL of my works in here are a joke & parody and should not be taken seriously.

4.Mods may delete ANYTHING in my page at ANYTIME if they are breaking the rules (I always check first before putting them in and make sure they're not inappropriate or personal attacking lol.)

5.its not like the old wikia anymore so I won't add offensive joke anymore k thx.

6.If you are here to request a GIF there's a chance I won't finish it. There is always a reason.

The R2D:A related GIF & Pictures


(there isn't going to be any R2D:A related yet lol.)

Parody of a certain things in R2D:A


The Wibze related GIF & Pictures


Anything involved Wibze lol

Pure art


It's rare to see one lol.


Completely pure art made by using tools and not taken anywhere else to modify!!


Not-related GIF & Pictures


Anything that does not match all the 3 above.


There is always a light in the deepest part of the comic hehehe.

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