Double Equip is a feature that allows players to equip 2 Secondaries instead of having a Primary and Secondary equipped.

To use this feature, you must have the Primary slot free before equipping two secondaries.

For example, you can equip both the CK Swat and Rambo Knife at the same time, or a Steyr M and Tinpot.


  • Make use of this feature to create amazing combos!
  • This is very useful for starters for when they can't buy a costly Primary.
  • If you are wearing a vest that supplies extra magazines, be sure to equip the gun you want to give the extra ammo to in the primary slot.
    • This small perk doesn't apply to the Toy Bow, as this weapon doesn't really use mags.
    • You must specifically be wearing the Bandolier to gain this perk for the RPG.
  • You still can't bring the M202, RPG or Ice Gun into Free For All with this due to obvious balancing reasons. Try it and you'll be basically useless.
  • During Melee Smash, bringing in two different melees allows for some interesting rounds.


  • This feature was added in v0.9.4, removed in v0.9.6, and was re-released in v1.0.0.