Double EXP Fridays were a feature in the previous R2D, and have now been added to R2DA.

It's a feature that turns on every Friday, and grants Double EXP to everyone that plays R2DA on Friday.

It is a great opportunity to level up fast, especially because the weekend starts on that day.


  • You can continue using the Double EXP acquired during Friday for 1 hour after the day has passed.
  • Double EXP bought from the store lasts for only one hour, but on Double EXP Fridays, Double EXP's duration refreshes every round.
    • The time runs down only if you are in R2DA, it won't expire while you are gone.

Double EXP


  • Even if it says that there is 1 hour remaining on your Double EXP, the game will refill it in between rounds.
  • Sometimes, the R2DA game icon changes every Friday with a caption "DOUBLE EXPERIENCE".

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