Doors are fun.

Note that these don't include doors that aren't operational (apart from the locked door).


Wooden Door Resistance Information
Wooden Door
7 hits The most common and most used, convenient to slow the zombies.
Reinforced Door Resistance Information
Renforced door
? Can be found in more confined maps, it offers a better resistance than a simple wooden door. Found in Foxriver Prison and No Mercy.
Reinforced Door (Old) Resistance Information
Corrupted door
7 hits Old style reinforced door. Originally found in Foxriver Prison.
Locked Reinforced Door Resistance Information
Corrupted door2
None The door is locked and cannot be opened or destroyed. Can only be found in Foxriver Prison.
Fence Door Resistance Information
~30 hits These are effectively stronger, constructable doors. Unlike the others, there is a specific HP bar and disappears when destroyed. More info here.
Keypad Door (Zero Kelvin Station) Resistance Information
Missing picture N/A ?
Keypad Door (Caved In) Resistance Information
Missing picture Unknown ?


  • All doors except the fenced door and the keypad doors have three visual effects when they are damaged.
  • When a door is cracked, survivors can shoot zombies through the door giving them a tactical advantage.
  • In the past, when a door broke, it was sometimes blocked in the door frame

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