"Hey guys! Starlight 2.0 except 100 bucks!"
―Coolan28 inspired by H.F.B.T.M the great


The Disruptor can only be bought in the In-Game Store. It will be placed on the closest zombie spawn nearest to the player who bought it, preventing any mobs from spawning there until it's broken. It can be easily destroyed since it only needs to take 5 hits from any zombie for it to break.

Background Story

Survivors are usually troubled by zombies, who sometimes seem to appear out of thin air to endanger the areas they've set up to camp in. Noticing this, a manufacturer decided to do some research into how zombies worked, and using the findings, made the Disruptor. Although it's small and fragile, it's still quite useful for those who remember that it exists.


  • Use to keep zombies out of your base.
  • Use it wisely, as it only needs 5 hits from any zombie to destroy it.
    • Understandably, a Brute can destroy this instantly.
  • Great for setting up camps.
    • When placed down, it will allow Hammer users to build around the zombie spawn.


  • Can only be placed once per round per person.
  • Does a sonar beep sound while active.
  • If placed on all spawns, it'll have no effect.
  • Does not work when the player is not close enough to a spawn.

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