Discord Chat Moderators
This page is meant for users have a status of Chat Moderator.

This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Discord Chat Moderators+.

Discord Chat Moderators Application

Currently, theres only one way to apply for this role.

1. Discord Chat Moderator Application can be open at any time, only eligible for those users who have trusted role.

How to get started

Once the user was hired , the user must do the following steps.

1. An experienced/superior staff member will train the user, follow every instruction from him.

2. Once you're done training, you will start moderate R2DA Discord.

3. If in doubt, always ask another staff member to prevent mistakes.

4. Whenever a user broke a rule, always check Chat Ban Guide, check the correct time in the correct ban guide.

5. You will record any offenses (ones you took action upon) on a special channel, It will require having the offender's name, reason duration, and proof.

List of current commands

Commands inside ( ) brackets, NOT [ ] brackets, means optional. Command works with or without it.

?ban [@user] (limit) [reason]
Bans the player from the discord. Permban if given without days. More info will be given once you are hired.
Ex: ?ban @MiniStalker 200 being racist
?warn [@user] [reason]
Warns a player, the warn will be listed in the user's warning list.
Ex: ?warn @MiniStalker stop spamming
?mute [@user] [limit] [reason]
Mutes a player, more info will be given once you are hired.
Ex: ?mute @MiniStalker cooldown
?warnings [@user]
List all warnings of a user, user can only do this command in a certain channel.
Ex: ?warnings @MiniStalker
!slowmode [digit]
Slows down a channel by seconds.
Ex: !slowmode 1
!slowmode off
Remove the slowmode that is currently enabled.
Ex: !slowmode off

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