"If I'm dead while you got a defib, and you don't defib; when you get home, I'll be under your bed."


With a small zap in the right spot, you can bring someone back from the dead right back into the action!

These are powerful, and therefore, you can only be revived once.

Background Story

To help the horrible death rate, a manufacturer decided to mass-produce defibrillators in the hopes that they would save some lives. Being able to bring back any comatose survivor, these are a very valuable item to carry around.

By jump-starting the heart again with electrical charges, these brought many people back from unconsciousness; although in an extremely weakened state.

Many lives have been saved by defibrillators, And remember - always defibrillate the person that died that had a defibrillator to begin with.


  • If you had some Defibrillators when you died, they will be dropped right beside your body.
    • Try signalling someone to come over to your body and attempt to rescue you.
  • You do not have damage immunity using a Defibrillator, so it is not recommended to use this against zombies.
    • If you must, shocking zombies knocks them back a couple of studs and stuns them, but deals no damage.
  • When revived, the once dead survivor is given 20 HP and an immunity shield for a few seconds.
    • Protect a revived player as they can be easily killed once the shield wears off.
    • If you are the one that was revived, do not stop to thank the player until you have been healed.
      • Buy some Pills from the In-Game Store if you haven't already to give yourself some breathing room.
  • Reviving someone in the water is difficult and dangerous.
    • It is best to attempt when there are no zombies nearby in a map with non-lethal water.
  • Reviving players reward player points.
  • Even if you are allowed bring Defibrillators in some Gamemodes, people cannot be revived. This includes:


  • The backpack model of the Defibrillators flashes blue when the defibs are used.
  • The lightning effect that appears whenever a player uses the Defibrillator is not actually a decal.
    • It is a separate model from the actual item that appears whenever the item is activated.
  • You were used to be able to use this to farm for Player Points by simply clicking and not actually using it.
    • This was later fixed and people have climbed the Leaderboards through this method were temporarily banned.
  • You were able to use this to stun Rhi-snow during the 2016 Christmas Event.
    • This was fixed in v0.9.0.
  • In-game, these are referred to as 'Defibs'.
  • At v0.9.7, this item changed size and colour.
  • The way defibrillators are portrayed in-game are not actually the way they would work in real life.
    • In-game, it is implied that you are speeding up someone's heartbeat.
    • In real life, defibrillators actually slow down the heartbeat to fix any possible issue a heart may have.

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