Player Controls

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Jump: Space

Move Around Camera: Hold RMB and Drag

Equip/De-equip Items: Press 1-9

Fire Weapon/Use Item/Interact with Keypad Doors: LMB

Punch: E

Kick: Q

Sprint: Hold Shift

Open Supply Boxes/Doors/Get into Helicopter: F

Blocking: Caps Lock

Switch Firing Mode (when applicable): V

Crouch/Cinematic Mode (in Spectate): C

Zoom: Scroll

Flashlight: X

ADS (Aim Down Sights): Zoom in Completely and Hold RMB or just Hold Q

Open/Close Leaderboard: Tab

Item Controls

See Also : Items

Use and/or "Cook" (when applicable): Tap and/or hold LMB

Drop Defibrillators or Medkit: Backspace

Give Pills: RMB

Special Infected Controls

See Also : Zombies

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