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"Colt Python... it's not my favorite revolver, but I always enjoy using one. Finding one like this is surprisingly rare, makes me believe it's the only one around. We all know how this kind of gun works, packs a punch but lacks on ammunition."


A simple, yet high-powered weapon. It has a low amount of ammo, so make sure every shot counts. For those who can definitely land every shot, this is a good weapon. For those who can't, you should probably just stick with the Steyr M.

Background Story

Back when L-Brain Sidework was still in need of developing new weapons, they had limitations as they had such a small and limited workshop. As time went by, other manufacturers started to show up and made weapons that L-Brain Sidework could not compete with so they decided to take advantage of something satisfying which other manufacturers hadn't made, which was a classic six-shooter revolver.


  • Headshots matter for this weapon.
    • Try not to engage at medium to long distances due to its short range.
    • "Spraying and praying" isn't the best idea, as shooting rapidly will deteriorate the accuracy quickly and waste all of your ammo in the process.
  • The Double Equip system can be useful here in granting the Colt Python extra clips from armors.
  • Try not to engage a Ticker or a Brute with this weapon.
    • It's especially recommended to use this against an Edgar, as even without a headshot, you can kill it.
  • This sidearm does less damage total than Steyr M, so it's best to use the latter in boss fights.
  • While ADS'ing, it has horrible recoil. Keep that in mind if you are aiming at something.


  • This was the third handgun to be ever added in R2DA.
    • This is considered a returning weapon from R2D, as it shares similarities with the Revolver.
  • In v0.8.4, this was the last weapon of six to be converted from CSG into a mesh.
  • Numerous changes have been made to the Colt Python:
    • The price was originally 2,000$.
    • The accuracy value used to be set at 85.
    • This used to have an ammo pool of 6/2.
  • This has a similar reloading sound to the General's .45, which is a ranged gear in the catalog.
  • In real life, a Colt Python's fire power is so high, it could pierce through a tier 2 ceramic plate. In this game, however, it obviously can't do that.

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