This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Not sure why this exists, but who am I to argue? As long as it can get the job done, it's fine by me. Still garbage, though."


This was earned during the Christmas 2015 Event where you were tasked to defeat the Yeti. Defeating it would reward you this weapon.

Like the other event weapons, this weapon is technically free. And also like the other weapons, this weapon isn't too great. It's a cool collectible, and does decent damage, but you're probably better off just punching and kicking.

Background Story

Some say that Santa Claus wields this weapon. That's because they're young survivors. Those lucky children who survived the outbreak needed to be granted some happiness, so their friends told them stories of a Santa Claus that wielded this sword and disposed of thousands of zombies. One of the especially kind survivors decided to produce a few real Christmas Tree swords, because there always has to be a light in the darkness.


  • It's better off to not fully rely on this weapon to do the killing.
    • At the very least, use this to finish them off at low health.
  • The Christmas Tree uses 5 energy per swing, allowing you to swing it 20 times before running out of stamina.
  • This weapon has a three swing combo.
    • The first swing is a normal swing, the second swing is a overhead swing, and the third swing is a sweep move that can hurt numerous zombies.


  • This was the first melee to be added to R2DA.
    • Only 3,506 players have this item, so you can consider this a collectible.
  • The Christmas Tree is referenced as the "Xmas Tree" in-game.
  • This weapon has the lowest energy usage of all melees in-game, tying also with the Rambo Knife and the Tinpot.
    • Swinging the Christmas Tree formerly consumed 6 energy units.
  • This is also the second weakest melee in the game with the value of 30 damage per swing.
    • Formerly, this dealt 25 damage with every swing.
  • The lights on the sword blink when equipped, causing the sword to change colour.
    • This makes the Christmas Tree the only weapon to have an animated skin.

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