This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Discord Moderators+.

R2D:A Discord Ban Guide
For Chat Moderators+

This page will be used as a guide when a user on the Discord has appeared to break the rules.Note, however, some rules may not be included within this list.Chat Moderators+ will, based upon the incident, decide on the block time. The amount of time one is blocked depend on how severe their actions were.In the case of repeated offences by a user, for example, being banned for swearing several separate times, the ban will be longer than what is stated on the broken rule.

A ban can be revoked by a Chat Head Moderator if this requirement is not met.

Note that chat rules still apply in help-chat, privately message a moderator if evidence/proof contains content that breaks the rules stated below, tarnishing is an exception.

Use the Discord Help Chat Guide for warns/bans for the help chat.

If a given reason does not appear here, an appeal can be proposed; but can also be listed if needed.

Green = Low Tier Offense Rating
Yellow = Mid Tier Offense Rating
Red = High Tier Offense Rating
Black = Max Tier Offense Rating (Permanent Block)

If a user has not broken any further green/yellow rules after 1 week within their initial warning, Moderators are required to give another warning if that user breaks another rule. There are exceptions.

If a user has lost trusted 3 times in total, they are no longer welcomed to get trusted. (Removal of trusted is counted from 04/07/2018)

If a user attacks a staff member through DMs about the punishment they recieved, the user receives double punishment time, or a + warn. (Does not apply in game, if you think a mod did something wrong, DM a Chat head Moderator or above)

Users cannot be unbanned on discord, unless the ban reason was false, or lack of proof.


Staff members will start to use the mute command when a user has reached the qualifications for a ban ONCE, AKA: warnings already given, depends on the severity. It acts as a buffer before the ban applies. As always, there are exceptions.


Users who break a rule within this category will instantly receive the punishment. These reasons will be removed only if the situation has gotten into control.

  • Disabling DMs: Disabling your DMs with the purpose of avoiding a warn/mute [1 day + normal ban time]
  • Spoiling movies: Exposing movie plotlines on the discord. [1 hour mute + trusted removal]
  • Using ;;userinfo command: Self-Explanation. [12 hour mute]


If you are verified, there will be a warning in the DMs stating you to change the offending item if you are online or actively talking. You have 30 minutes to correct yourself. If not, you will be kicked from the R2DA Discord server. If you are unverified, you will kicked on sight.

  • Username is not your ROBLOX username: Self-explanation
Wikia username doesn't count.
Having a bad username in the #verification will lead to an automatic kick.
  • Discord tag contains profanity: Having a discord tag containing suggestiveness, profanity or racism.
  • Playing Status contains profanity: Having a playing status containing suggestiveness, profanity or racism.
  • Profile Picture is inappropraite: Having a Profile picture containing suggestiveness, profanity etc.
  • Breaking any rules in #verifcation: Breaking any of the rules below in the verfication chat.

Green Ban Reasons

Green ban reasons will receive two warnings and a 10 - 30 minutes mute before a moderator takes action, FOLLOW IT!

  • Swearing: Use of foul language. [Few hours - 3 days]
Use #### in place of foul words (wtf, shit, lmao, ass etc. are allowed). If you partially censor the word, you still get warned. The middle finger emoji is also not allowed. The word "bastard" is also not allowed.
  • Attacking other users: Offending other users on purpose or attacking them. [Few hours - 1 day]
  • Annoying other users: Talking to mentioning users after they've asked it to stop. [Few hours - 1 day]
One verbal warn is required before any punishment occurs.
  • Impersonating other users: Pretending to be another user. [1 day]
Still valid even if agreed by both players in question to prevent confusion.
  • Flooding: Posting something that unnessarily expands the chat. [few hours - 1 day] 
(Flooding is warnable when a user posts a message or messages that take up 6 useless/spam like lines in the chat.)
  • Spamming: Posting the same thing over and over again typing too quickly. [few hours - 1 day]
Emojis are included. (5 of the same emoji, 7 of different emojis.)
Emojis in between texts count and emojis that amount to 7 in different lines but with no comments in between are also counted.
  • English only: Speaking in any other language than English. [Few hours]
The rule doesn't apply to:
Pictures, as long the language isn't the main focus of the picture.
R2DA screenshots of the Spanish translations are allowed, even if the Spanish part is the main part of the picture.
Common Non-English proper nouns, such as Despacito, are allowed.
The rule does apply to:
Memes, such as nani.
Offering a translation to a Non-English word is still prohibited.
Non-English songs, in which Non-English lyrics take up 70%+ of the song, aren't allowed in the Voice Channel.
  • Advertising content: Advertising anything non-R2D related. [Few hours - 1 day]
  • Playing ear rape audio: Playing ear rape audio on the voice channel. [3 days]
  • Skipping other people's music: At least 80% of the VC must agree to skip music. (Please note that videos that are 15 minutes & above are an instant skip.) [30m mute]
  • Misuse of help-chat: Posting bugs, posting off-topic or starting a conversation in the channel.[30m - few hours mute]
  • Misuse of bot commands: Misusing bot commands in general by non mods, creating useless text replies from the bot. Jokes/memes included. [30m - few hours mute]
  • Shit-Pinging users: Pinging users for no reason. [30m - few hours mute]
One verbal warn is required before any punishment occurs.
Pinging PlaceRebuilder is mutable by 1 week instantly, excludes Head Chat Mods+. This includes mentioning the Admin role, which Place has. 
Troll PlaceRebuilder pings are also against the rules i.e. Posting a picture of a PlaceRebuilder ping, doing @:PR EMOJI: or typing @PlaceReblder, etc.

Yellow Ban Reasons

Users who break a rule within this category will receive a warning and 1 - 3 hours mute before a moderator takes action.

  • Inappropriate picture/name: Using an inappropriate name or picture. This rule is combined with the suggestive rule. [3 days - 1 week]
  • Attacking the Staff Team: Insulting the people PlaceRebuilder has employed. [3 days - 1 week]
This especially applies after you were banned, but this can happen if you are being just plain annoying.
  • Talking bad about other users: Tarnishing a player's reputation. [3 days - 1 week]
Included users that are not in the Discord (ie: a player in the game)
  • Advertising other Discords: No discord other than R2D is allowed to be posted unless approved by staff. [3 days]
  • Asking for in-game items: Do not ask moderators, users or moderators for anything in-game. This also includes asking for mod apps or asking for mod powers/mod role. [3 days]
  • Gossip: Excessively tarnishing a player's reputation. [3 days - 1 week]
The action of intruding into a user's private life, and creating rumours. Talking about recent mod firings/demotion also falls into this category.
  • Harassment: Aggressive pressure or intimidation. [3 days - 2 weeks]
Block duration will increase drastically if the user attacked is new to the Discord.
  • Threats: Hack threats, hostile real life statements or suggesting suicidal thoughts on someone, or any form of threat [3 days - 2 month, no mute required for hack threat]
Jokes included.
  • Flamewars: A lengthy exchange of angry or abusive messages between users. [3 days - 1 month]
All users involved will be affected.
  • Taunting: A remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone. [3 days - 1 week]
Topics of sensitivity will be especially monitored.
  • Inappropriate references: An action of mentioning or alluding to something that is inappropriate. i.e. School shootings, disasters, terrorists attacks, etc [1 - 7 days]
Any Inappropriate References above yellow bans still remains the same, no warns required.
  • Propaganda: Any propaganda related to gay, LGBT, feminist, terror or other groups is posted/glorified. [3 days]
  • Starting a drama: We do not tolerate any drama whatsoever. Drama creates false rumours and promotes a lot of negative activities. You will not receive any warning before a ban. [1 week]
  • Participating in a drama: Getting yourself involved in a drama shows that you are promoting negative activities. [6 days]
  • Leaking private conversation/messages: Leaking private conversation/messages without the other user permission. [1 day - 1 month]
Bot messages do not count.
  • Complaining about new mods getting hired: Applies in game, on the R2DA Discord, and the R2DA Wikia. Time varies on different platforms. [6-10 hours]

Red Ban Reasons

Users who break a rule within this category will receive instantly a ban.

  • Racism: Prejudice or discrimination of opposing or unlike races with the belief of supremacy. [1 week - 1 month]
  • Being Suggestive: Discussing sexual subjects, porn or using sexual innuendo. [1 day - 3 weeks]
Sexual memes and questionable furry/anime images are included. Saying "Dame Tu Cosita" is also not allowed.
  • Posting glitch guides: Posting a guide to help glitching in the game. [1 week - 1 month]
  • Shit pinging staff: Pinging all/most of the staff for a pointless reason. [1 week - 3 months]
Pinging PR will result in a instant 1-200 hour mute.
If you trying to tell a staff member to be aware of it, private message them.
Pinging any staff role for a shit reason is also bannable. 
Bans can travel to in game which will last you for at least 1 month. 
  • Scamming: A dishonest scheme or linking to scam websites. Applies in DM. [1 month]
  • Shocking Media: Usage of material that is intended to be revolting to viewers. Applies in DM. [2 weeks - 1 month]
  • Asking for account information: Asking for information of another users account (any website, game etc). [1 month]
  • Blackmailing: Force a user to do something by using threats or manipulation. [1 month]
Applies in DM.
  • Framing: User produce false evidence against an innocent user so that they appear guilty. [1 week - 4 months]
Applies as long its R2DA related. Ban can be shortened by the user admitting to his/her wrong doings, publicly, not privately, and to where publicly is determined by HMODS.
  • Child Endangerment: Predatory behavior or anything that sexualizes children. [1 month]
Note for Moderators: Do not ban people for this reason if it does not include predatory behaviour against children.
  • Bribery: Applies from discord, in game, or other sources. Attempting to bribe a staff member into doing something out of line, if the bribe was accepted both users will be severely punished. HMODS determine if the user attempting the bribe requires a ban. [2 weeks - PERM]

Black Ban Reasons

Users will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Pornography/Serious Gore: Posting pornography or serious horrifying images. Applies in DM. [PERM]
Direct messages are included, invalid if they both agree in question.
  • Terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. [PERM]
Memes, Joke are included.
  • Troll Account: The sole purpose of the account is to do inappropriate, harmful activities to everyone else. [PERM]
  • Alternative Account: Using an account to bypass an earlier ban or to pretend to be someone else. [PERM]
  • Explicit Audio: Playing explicit audio on voice channel.[PERM]
  • Raiding R2DA Discord: Self explaination. [PERM]
  • 3rd Ban: User has reached his/her 3rd ban. [PERM]

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