Cash is the currency of R2DA. Cash can be earned within game by killing zombies yourself, having zombies killed by another party member in your party or obtaining it from chests during special events. Cash is also purchasable in the main menu by clicking the "Robux Store" button on the store or the 'Buy Gold' button in the bottom right of the menu. The options for buying cash range from paying 100 Robux for 1000$, 450 Robux for 6000$ and 1000 Robux for 15000$.


The old currency of R2DA, Coins, could be earned by killing a zombie and the coin dropped would be rewarded to you at the appropriate amount of coins for the type of zombie you killed when you picked the coin up. Since it changed to in-game Cash, you now get money automatically when you kill the zombies. As a result of this, you don't have to pick up coins anymore. This currency was removed at v0.1.0.


Gained if you are not in a party, or if at least 1 member in the party is dead.

Party Earnings

Gained if all members are alive and you get the kill.

Party Bonus Earnings

Gained if all members are alive and someone else in your party killed them.


  • On the screen to buy yourself a currency boost, Cash is referred as Gold.
  • Party earnings from killing any zombies will give you extra 50% of the zombie kill reward.
    • For example, you get $40 for killing an Elemental, but with the party bonus, you actually receive $60, since half of 40 is 20, and 40 + 20 is 60.

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