Capture the Base is a round in which flag poles are spread around the map and you have to fully-raise all of them to win the round. Every second you raise a flag higher, you get +2 Cash. One thing though, zombies can bring the flag down to 0%, unless the flag was already fully-raised.


  • It is faster to capture a flag with more people.
    • You will still capture the flag even if you are dead.
  • As long as there is one zombie in the vicinity of the flag pole, all progress stops.
    • Try to get other zombies to assist you in taking the flags down.
  • Everyone gets one Fame after a flag is fully raised, as long as they are around when the flag hits 100%.
  • Use a Pipebomb, a Starlight, or a Bell to lure zombies away from the flags.


  • This is a remake of the Capture the Flag gamemode from the original R2D.
  • You don't really "Capture the Base" here, but it's more like "Raise the Flag".
  • Electrical Elementals cannot uncap flags in this gamemode.
    • Even if this is a minor bug, this can still be considered as balanced.

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