Campaign is a returning Gamemode from the R2D 2014 which was previously called Objective and was abbreviated as OBV.

This Gamemode centres around survivors completing certain tasks until a player or an AI can drive them to safety.


  • If no-one is going for the objective, the entire survivor team will eventually be wiped out.
    • Try to coordinate your efforts together to get out before it's too late.
  • To save time, use the M939 as much as you can in Kingstreet to quickly deliver Tires to the Victory Truck.


  • Campaign used to have a time limit, but this aspect was later removed during DEMO.
  • A game-breaking bug used to occur in which objectives would not spawn and where the GUI would not say anything.
    • This in turn technically made the round an infinite one until every survivor died.
    • This has been fixed, so don't worry.

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