"Dine or Die? Your choice..."


Café County is a small concrete island in the middle of the ocean. If you ignore the inconvenience and strangeness of the setting, there are numerous places to establish a base at.

Background Story

After sailing for awhile, survivors ran into Café County. It just exists. There is no rational explanation on why this island exists smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

You're docked here now, and for some unexplainable reason, the once empty island is now swarming with zombies.

Perhaps it would've been wiser to avoid this place entirely.


This map is small, not Foxriver Prison small, but not large enough for you to take forever to get to the other end.

Facing the glass panel, on the east side stands a shipping crate.

Heading towards the middle, a small café can be seen. Some trees, an outdoor eating area of sorts, and a truck can be seen on display behind it.

A little bit to the left is a building that's under construction in an L-shape of sorts.

On the west end lies a Fire Department building and a Firetruck. There's a fire escape attached to the building, so you can evacuate safely if you want to.


  • If you camp in the Fire Department building, make sure to bring Hammers to build a barricade.
    • The café might seem like a good camping spot, but a Brute can easily destroy you in there.
  • The entire survivor team does not spawn in a fixed location. You all spawn in small clusters around the map.
  • Despite being quite small compared to other maps, it's quite spacious in some areas making ambushing harder.
  • A Bell, a Pipebomb, a Starlight, or an Airstrike are good choices to bring on this map.
  • Due to the small size of the map, spawn killing can be a problem here.
  • You can climb the large tree near the café for a hidden perch in the leaves, and it is suitable for sniping across the map.


  • Surprisingly, the glass on the Fire Department building does not shatter and break compared to what you've seen to the rest of the game.
    • The reason is quite simple, as it is to prevent zombies from easily getting to survivors within the building.
  • Before v0.9.9, a partial part of this map appeared in the initial launch where you could've chosen your Universe.
  • This map is similar to Arcade Town from R2D and includes some advertising from it as well.
  • There is a poster on the café showing the thumbnail from R2D's Rambo Knife update.
  • This is not GammaShock's first map as he helped StreetBuilder create Casius Outpost.
  • During development, the Fire Department was originally another construction building, but PlaceRebuilder told GammaShock to change the building into a fire station.
  • JohnMaribs and Johncena2305alt1 have both helped GammaShock with creating some models on the map.

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