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"Take this gun out, aim at the swordman, pull the trigger... You are now Indiana Jones!"
CK Swat i-g


This is a brand new revolver, a much smaller version of the Colt Python. Despite this small revolver packing a massive punch, its downfall is its lack of clips and rather short range. It has the capability to kill every zombie in one shot except Tickers and Brutes.

Background Story

The Colt Python wasn't too big of a success for L-Brain Sidework, so they decided that survivors probably wanted something that had a little bit more of a punch. Once again, they decided to fund R-Brain Hardwork the materials for a new weapon. While deciding on the design, one worker stumbled upon an old pint-sized revolver. After realizing the benefits of having a tiny revolver, the CK Swat was born.


  • Don't use this as an automatic weapon, trip zombies that are chasing you down and fire at the stunned zombies.
  • Aim for the heads - it deals the most damage when aimed at the head, and saves you from wasting ammo on a single zombie.
  • The range is pretty terrible - don't treat it as a sniper rifle. Same thing goes for Colt Python.
  • It can kill Elementals in one-shot at a well-timed shot to their head, but not anywhere else.


  • The fourth handgun to be ever added in R2DA.
  • This weapon was formerly the highest ranked-locked weapon in the game before being literally one-uped by the M249.
  • This weapon shares a very similar design to the Colt Python.
    • Additionally, both weapons share the same range and accuracy value of 70 and 200 respectively.
  • Both the CK Swat and Colt Python have the same range and accuracy value.
  • During v0.9.3, this and the Spas-12's damage was broken due to PlaceRebuilder breaking the drop off damage scripts and made them apply even at short-range. This was later fixed in v0.9.4.
  • The CK Swat's late Gamepass was released at v0.9.5a.
    • The first Gamepass to include a skin with the purchase, but the second Gamepass with a skin involved.
  • The firing sound is a little deeper than what you would expect.
  • Various changes have been applied:
    • The damage used to be 140, but has since been lowered down to 130.
    • The CK Swat used to have 5/0 magazine but was later buffed to a 5/1 magazine.
    • The Range value was formerly 40 on Debug but was buffed to 70 prior to being released.

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