"Fill your buckets mate, there's a long ride ahead"

See also : Campaign, Panama Beach and Boat (Panama Beach)


The Bucket is exclusive to Panama Beach's Campaign. It has no other use other than to help you win the round.

This is done by picking up water from the shores, then attempting to douse the flames on the Boat with it.

Background Story

Judging by the rust, these Buckets have been on Panama Beach for a very long time. These weren't something the common vacationer would bring. Whatever they were used for remains a mystery, but some survivors report experiencing headaches by just being near them.


  • You can find Buckets scattered around the map. There's a limited supply of them, but it should still be enough.
    • This is the only item that can douse the flames, so you have to pick these up. The Fire Extinguisher will not work.
  • To fill up the Bucket, you have to be near a water source.
    • Crouching near water can make filling it a tad easier.
    • You can unequip this and it will still have water in it for you to throw.
  • The way your character is facing while this is equipped is not the direction the water will be thrown.
  • You gain 15$ for quenching the fires.


  • This is one of the few items in the game that can interact with the map itself.
  • Before Caved In's accessories were added, this was the only item to be added to your physical inventory.